Free Resume Reviews & Advice

With many thanks from Emily Hanson from the Dalwallinu Community Resource Centre and founder of the charity Starting Point Services, who is offering free Resume Review & Drafting appointments for anyone who needs it.

Emily’s service is completely free, not means tested and clients don’t need to be unemployed. This is something she enjoys doing as she believes everyone deserves to be empowered in their employment opportunities.


We all need to Start somewhere …

Hi, my name is Em and I’m the founder of Starting Point Services WA. For the last few years, I have been offering to edit & draft my friends’ resumes and cover letters for them on an ad hoc basis … much to their great confusion but overall delight. What can I say, I’m a weirdo, but I get so much enjoyment from doing it!  With the impact of COVID-19 still yet to be fully realised, there will definitely be a blow to employment. Jobs will be harder to find and harder to get. I want to assist in any way I can, and so, Starting Point was born.
Currently looking for work? Let’s face it, the current system is patchy at best. Your options are:

  • Get listed with an employment agency, a means-tested, daunting and onerous prospect;
  • If you can’t qualify for that, get a private resume writer for a casual $200+;
  • Get some broad-brush info from your university’s HR department (must be a student);
  • Update the uninspiring resume template you had in year 12 and hope for the best.

These are all ways forward, but there. is undeniably an unmet need here. About me:

  • I’m the Manager of Dalwallinu Community Resource Centre.
  • I have undergraduate degrees in Law and Political Science, and am a lawyer admitted to the Supreme Court of WA – though I’m not currently practising so no legal Q’s please!
  • I’m currently studying a Master of Human Resource Management at Curtin, and a Master of Agribusiness Management at Charles Sturt University.
  • I am 100% a bleeding heart, who wants to give back and pay it forward.

About Starting Point Services:

  • Free one-off review, drafting and advice sessions for anyone & everyone.
  • You don’t have to be unemployed, you don’t have to be an Australian citizen, you don’t have to fit the lower socio-economic bracket.
  • An independent, non-judgemental average Joe to spit-ball ideas & brainstorm with, who won’t bullsh!t you.
  • I don’t have years of HR experience, and I don’t pretend to. But I’m a great sounding board, and want to help if I can. Plus, my writing skills are bangin’.
  • Referrals on to other services if I can’t help.

I worked at Curtin as a Resume Advisor, so I know that a “good looking” resume means pretty much nothing. I won’t be offering templates. There will be no photos or fancy fonts. Instead, I’ll work with word-power to make your CV shine.
Literally, a Starting Point.

Next Step…

If you would like to take advantage of Emily’s services, please download the SPS Client Intake 2020 and contact Emily on: